Can making Soap be your passion?

Can making Soap be your passion?

As a child I remember sitting at the table with my Nana as we worked on some crazy art project she put together. Be it drawing, coloring, painting or ceramics, my brother and I loved to be there, engrossed in our "Artistic" masterpieces. She made it fun and was so talented, she always would paint the faces of our creations for us and it would come to life with that one little dot of white she placed in the pupil. I am so thankful I had that experience with her!
Since then I dabbled creatively, I would borrow books on drawing from the library and get a bunch of artistic paraphernalia out and spread it across my kitchen table and ask Nana who is now in spirit to help me create something beautiful. My creations were mostly in the form of my animals and vibrant colors always would call to me.
Mineoux 1985-1995 (long hair domestic)
There is a feeling that happens to a person when they are truly inspired by something. For me, the feeling of bliss takes over when I am being artistic. I feel calm and joyful when I am doing an art project. All my worries seem to disappear. Lately my art projects are making useful things like soap and other beauty products. I love to make soap! It really is creative, challenging and in the end you have a beautiful, healthy useful product. 

Spell of Love Handcrafted Soap
I could go into all the ingredients and their benefits but I'll save that for another blog. I have come to understand that living your life with feeling is what helps us the most. Keeping it simple and moving through life with passion. Allowing the "fun nerve" to come to the surface and emit positive, loving energy in all you do. 

"You sexy thing you" Dessert Soap

There are, what seems like thousands of  videos, blogs and websites on how to make soap and other such products. Search for yourself, you will find some you love and some not so much. Use that gut feeling to guide you to who has the best of the best technique that makes you want to be a better artist. Who knows, maybe you'll find something that moves you that is artistic in a different way, but for now if you want to be a "soaper", learn as much as you can before you try it. 
  • What about this art form inspires you? 
  • Who, in the world of "soapers" inspire you?
  •  How do you FEEL when you see the soaps being made? 

Ask yourself these simple questions and that will help you pick a direction to go in. If you get a feeling of pure joy and excitement and "oh wow, I really want to do that" feeling than Yes, do your research, find out about the How to's and How much and Where to get this or that. 
So is making soap really YOUR passion?

Crock of Men's Shaving Soap
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